We are very appreciative and thankful for everyone who has contributed in a way to the Biodiversity Database Suriname.

General Contribution

ACT Indigenous Park Rangers (IPG) of Apetina, Kwamalasamutu, Sipaliwini and Tepu. Together with several elder villagers of these communities they provided the local names of the animals and plants and checked and double-checked the content.

ACT Suriname_IPG Tepu April 2015

Bruce Hoffman, ethno-botanist and fieldproject manager of Amazon Conservation Team Suriname, who gathered thousands of Trio plant and animal names by working for continuous years together with the local indigenous people of Kwamalasamutu.

Mark Plotkin, etho-botanist and the president of the Amazon Conservation Team, for his endless ideas and suggestions and the aid in the lacking photographs that the database developers did not managed to find.

Chantal Van Den Bergh and Viviane Lodewijckx for their dedication and the help on Bird Section.

Amasina, shaman in Kwamalasamutu, who imitated the animal sounds.

The present and previous ACT staff.

Scientific advisors

John De Bruyn (Mammals and Reptiles), Arie Spaans and Chantal Van Den Bergh (Birds), Jan Mol and Kenneth Wan Tong You (Fishes).

Photographs and Illustrations

ACT Photo Database, Raphael Covain, Rakesh Debisarun, Malaïka Debusschere, John De Bruyn, Katia Delvoye, Michel Gardaud-Audine, James Hitchcock, Bruce Hoffman, INRA – Pierre-Yves Le Bail, Vanessa Kadosoe, Dick Lock, Viviane Lodeweckx, Jan Mol, NZCS – Nationaal Zoölogische Collectie Suriname, Paul Ouboter, Gunovaino Marjanom, Monique Pool, Jan Ranson, Mark Sabaj-Perez, Chantal Van Den Bergh, Joke van den Heuvel, Fleur van der Sterren, Tomas Willems, Philip Willink. and Mark Wright. We are thankful for their collaboration on this project and their willingness to freely share their photographs.

Part of the photographs used in the database is ‘Creative Commons’, indicated with (CC). Pictures are not changed and will not be used for commercial purposes. Carla Antonini (CC), Wilfried Berns (CC), Hervé Breton (CC), Philip Capper (CC), Dick Culbert (CC), Bernard Dupont (CC), G.H. Ford (CC), Tom Friedel (CC), Geoff Gallice (CC), Tony Hisgett (CC), Karelj (CC), Rodrigo Medellin (CC), Dirk Meyer (CC), David Monniaux (CC), Sergey Pisarevskiy (CC), Alex Popovkin (CC), Alastair Rae (CC), Ryskas (CC), Andreas Schlüter (CC), George Shuklin (CC), BS Thurner Hof (CC), Malene Thyssen (CC), Claudio Timm (CC), Simon J. Tonge (CC), Marco Tschapka (CC),

How to citate?

Our goal is to share the information on this website as broad as possible, in order to enhance the communication between different cultures in Suriname about fauna and flora.

The Biodiversity Database of Suriname is a product of Amazon Conservation Team Suriname, 2015. The information is free accessible, citation of the website is sign of respect.

The Amazon Conservation Team, Suriname. The Biodiversity Database of Suriname.
www.ethnobiobase.act-suriname.org”. Date of access.

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